Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why I'm Blogging About Breast Cancer

We hear so much about "finding the cure".

While I feel it is important to find cures for any disease process, I am very frustrated over the fact that many disease processes are preventable.

For many of my patients, their breast cancers were preventable.

It's true that for some patients with breast cancer, it's a genetic throw of the dice leading to the disease.

But, for the majority of patients with this disease, it was a preventable mix of dietary and other lifestyle choices, environmental exposures and possibly poor emotional hygiene.

I doubt any women say to themselves, "what can I do today to increase my risk for breast cancer".

After interviewing hundreds of patients, I believe that most people are unaware of the dangers of their choices.

I would like to arm people with knowledge to help prevent illness from even beginning.

Prevention is much less painful than treatment physically, psychologically and financially.

I can't tell you how many patients with cancer walk into my office with the intention of learning what to do in order to keep their cancer at bay. I just wish they had come in years ago.

I also see many women who have been on either hormone replacement or the birth control pill without ever having their hormone levels checked. This is a travesty and is actually medical negligence.

It is time for everyone to take the future of their health in their own hands and learn about environmental, emotional and dietary triggers for disease.

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  1. Genetic counseling and testing for high-risk women is a very important path to breast cancer prevention. Women with close family members who have/have had breast/ovarian cancer should seek out genetic counseling from a team of medical geneticists. I did, I got tested, and know I know my genetic profile.