Friday, January 22, 2010

Acrylamide Production in Food

Back on the acrylamide issue. Fermentation seems to lower this compound. Therefore, sourdough bread is preferable to non-soured dough bread. The european equivalent of our FDA has been all over this issue since the research was published. The goal in Europe has been to lower acrylamides in crackers, breads, chips and coffee. Yes, I wrote coffee. It seems that roasting can create this compound. Believe it or not, but dark roast is better than medium roast. The chemical peaks in the medium roast and declines in dark.

I recommend toasting until golden and not brown. Frying carbohydrates just shouldn't be done (there goes the french fries). But, a whole baked potato smothered in extra virgin olive oil or whatever turns you on is ok.

In order for acrylamide to form, there needs to be the amino acid asparagine and sugars, both exposed to high heat (no more tempura asparagus).

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