Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Info on Soy and Heterocyclicamines

When thinking about soy as food, remember that the epidemiological studies we have showing soy to be beneficial involves Asian women eating typical local forms of soy.

Fermented is always better. Miso paste is so easy to work with as a soup base or even as part of a sauce or dressing base. Tempeh is a great alternative to tofu when wanting to saute as a substitute for meat. But, even the soy milk in asia is usually made at home after soaking the beans for a few hours and therefore made from semi-sprouted soy beans.

I personally use mung beans, lentils and nuts more than any other form of protein.

If you eat meat, remember that cooking on fire or at high temps create heteracyclicamines. Sushi is therefor preferable to BBQ fish. steak tartar is preferable to a burger if the meat is safe.

And when cooking carbs (some veggies and peas included) high heat and frying creates acrylamides.

so lay off the french fries and crackers!

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