Friday, January 22, 2010

Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

Choose plant sources of protein over animal. Women with the highest intake of animal fats and proteins, have higher rates of breast cancer.

Lentils, beans, seeds and nuts are all loaded with wonderful chemical constituents. Try soaking mung beans or other pulses(lentils) they are soft enough to eat after a day or two of soaking and have the beneficial enzymes and nutrients of sprouts. Even soaking almonds or sunflower seeds for a few hours begins the germination process.

The latest skinny on soy involves a study looking at 5000 women in china. the conclusion which went viral around dec 8 2009 was that soy IS protective. the women with the highest intakes had the lowest rates of breast cancers. This is contrary to what many people were hypothesizing.

Many oncologists thought soy had too many estrogen like-compounds.

In reality, most estrogen-like compounds in soy mimic estriol or E3, a weak estrogen.

If a weak estrogen meets an estrogen receptor and they decide to get it on, this is a beautiful thing. Now, a strong estrogen can not connect with the receptor and stimulate the tissue the receptor is sitting on.

However, I am not encouraging anyone to only eat soy. There are benefits to all vegetarian sources of protein.

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