Monday, February 22, 2010

Blood Type Groups and Breast Cancer

While most people don't correlate their afflictions with their blood type, there is a correlation.

Mainstream physicians rarely look at this but there has been a movement in the naturopathic medical community to look at the research on this topic and apply it to their patients.

Most of the research is being done by medical anthropologists and medical doctorates in institutions, and the publications are printed in the more obscure journals such as "The European Journal of Dentistry", and the "International Journal of Epidemiology".

Clinicians typically do not read such specific journals, these are most frequently read by researchers in their specific fields.

The list in longterm survival rates from best to worst is O>A>B>AB. Note, this is statistics and individual cases always brake the mold. So even though women with blood type A have a slightly greater chance or getting breast cancer, they tend to fair better than those with B or AB, but not as well as those with O.

For more information, read Dr. D'adamo's Eat Right for Your Blood Type. While he does cite research, his ideas are not recognized by mainstream medicine. However, I have found his advice useful clinically and his theories make sense according to the research I have cited in this article.


  1. What's the biological plausability here? Is it just genetics or is there another explanation for higher breast ca risk in women with type A blood?

  2. cancer cells have markers. I couldn't find the reference, but breast cancer markers look similar to the blood type A marker. I believe it is a similar glycoprotein.
    Therefore, the cells look like "self" as opposed to non-self.
    Conversly, type O's have no glycoprotein markers on their cells. O is actually zero. They recognize everything as foreign.

  3. Great article! My mother and I are breast cancer survivors and we did very well with our treatments. My grandmother survived thyroid cancer some 40 years ago and is still with us. All three of us are type O's. I do believe there is a connection in that type O's are typically low on iodine levels, which we all know the thyroid and breast utilize heavily.


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